We take nature as a source of endless inspiration for the development of novel classes of materials and processes, combining chemistry, materials science, and engineering tools.
Tissue engineering addresses the scarcity of tissues/organs available for repair and transplantation, by adopting multidisciplinary strategies permitting the ex-vivo creation of implantable hybrid constructs through the integration of biomaterials, therapeutic cells and physicochemical signals.
Our group focuses on the use of an interplay and cutting-edge nano- and micro-technologies for addressing a multitude of biomedical applications, including those in diagnostics and therapy.

Check out my poster for #JornadasCICECO2021Poster Macrophage-targeted Hyaluronan Nanogels as Immunomodulatory Delivery Systems @COMPASS_RG @ciceco_ua

Here is my #JornadasCICECO2021Poster #health! Check it out and learn a little about the complexity of spinal cord lesions and how peptide-based multilayered biomaterials can integrate multiple cues that could instruct neuronal regeneration.

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