The project Bee-Inspired High drug load patches for wound healing led by Ana Sofia Silva and Professor João Mano was one of the laureated projects from the contest MEDISIS IDEAS – Ideas que dão saúde, an initiative promoted by University of Aveiro to reward innovative business ideas in the area of  Health, Biotechnology and Live Sciences. The researchers were awarded with 10,000 € to elevate their research idea. The research team also integrates Lúcia F. Santos (PhD student) and Ana Lúcia Cunha (research fellow). The team will develop a commercial version of a new concept of patches able to fix large quantities of therapeutic particles, based on a bioinspired observation on the way bees are able to physically grab pollen particles, published last year in PNAS (more details in

The contest “MEDISIS IDEAS – Ideias que dão saúde” is an innitiative integrated within the project “MEDISIS – Promoção do envolvimento dos atores chave da Região Centro para a transferência de conhecimento e criação de novas parcerias nas áreas da Medicina de Sistemas”, co-financed by PORTUGAL 2020, through CENTRO 2020.