The December 2018 issue of Biomaterials features two papers from the group.

– An example on our incursion in the field of disease models, now using engineered microparticles to support the development of complex multicellular tumor-like tissues:
L.P. Ferreira, V.M. Gaspar, J.F. Mano – Bioinstructive microparticles for self-assembly of mesenchymal stem Cell-3D tumor spheroids. Biomaterials. 185, 155-173 (2018).

– A 36 pages comprehensive review on how to learn with bone physiology to develop new tissue engineering strategies:
D. Lopes, C. Martins-Cruz, M.B. Oliveira, J.F. Mano – Bone physiology as inspiration for tissue regenerative therapies. Biomaterials. 185, 240-275 (2018)