May 17th, 2022

The COMPASS Research Group will lead at University of Aveiro a joint agreement with University of Lorraine on the development of biomimetic hydrogels for heart regeneration

Within the scope of internationalization and scientific cooperation actions, the University of Aveiro signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Lorraine (France). This agreement is based on the project entitled HOPE- Bio-inspired Hybrid Hydrogels for Personalized Medicine, and aims to reinforce the joint efforts of the two institutions in the area of advanced materials for health and bioengineering. On the Portuguese team side, the project will be led by Prof. João Mano, from the Department of Chemistry, vice-director of CICECO and director of the COMPASS Research Group. The agreement was signed on the 16th of May by Prof. Artur Silva, vice-rector for Research at the University of Aveiro, and by Prof. Karl Tombre, Vice President for European and International Strategy at the University of Lorraine.