Extracellular matrix derived products from human placenta to engineer bone microtissues for in vitro disease models

Period: 01/09/2020 – 28/02/2022
Funding scheme: ERC-PoC- Proof of Concept
Coordination: João F. Mano –  University of Aveiro

Many biomedical processes including tissue engineering and drug discovery employ in vitro human cell culture. The EU-funded AMNIOGEL project is working on an innovative product that can be customised to closely resemble the microenvironment of any particular cell type. This is achieved by using the patient’s own extracellular matrix. The AMNIOGEL technology has the capacity to replace animal testing, accelerating drug screening and reducing associated costs. Moreover, it can form any 3D shape and be deposited on microarrays, leading to the production of organ-on-a-chip systems for high-throughput screening applications.