BlueGlue: Bioinspired medical adhesives from marine macroalgae derived biopolymers

Period: 07/07/2019 – 06/07/2021
Funding scheme: FA_05_2017_031
Funding scheme: Fundo Azul
Coordination: Prof. João F. Mano

BLUEGLUE project aims to value and promote the sustainable and controlled production of macroalgae, a way that they can be certified and used into the development of products with high added value (biomedical products). The project is aligned with the structures of the circular and biological economy and aims to provide a boost to the emerging initiatives of “Blue Biotechnology” in Portugal. The BLUEGLUE project is also in line with national and regional strategies (central zone) for smart specialization (RIS3). The main objective of this project is to take advantage of the controlled production of macroalgae and use them as bioinspiration for the production of biomaterials. BLUEGLUE aims to develop a bio-adhesive hydrogel, which adheres strongly to the bone tissue and which can be used to improve the fast regeneration of bone defect.