July 30th, 2022 

As the most important forum organized by University of Aveiro (UA), Research Summit aims to bring together professors, researchers and students of UA to promote profitable scientific discussions and collaborations. Besides strengthening the research capacity on campus, Research Summit give to PhD students the opportunity of showcase their work.

In such an enriching and competitive scientific forum, the PhD students were evaluated by an independent jury team, which selected the best pitch presentation for each doctoral program.

We are delighted to announce that Cátia Monteiro, a PhD student developing her work in COMPASS Research Group, was awarded by the jury with the best pitch presentation in the doctoral program of Biotechnology. This award highlighted her achievements on bioengineering humanized 3D osteosarcoma models for therapy development – moving from static to dynamic modelling, and the innovative research that has been developed in COMPASS RG.

Congratulations to Cátia for this recognition!