2nd Aveiro-Osaka Universities joint symposium on advanced biomaterials and cell-based bioengineering strategies.

Online, with free access, from Osaka University, March 17, 2021 (9-11 am GMT)

This international workshop will comprise presentations from researchers affiliated at both University of Aveiro and University of Osaka, focusing aspects related with biomaterials, human cells engineering and nano/micro technologies for advanced therapies, including regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

This event is endorsed by the FET-OPEN project NeuroStimSpinal, coordinated by the University of Aveiro, and supported by the bilateral project “Development of Compartmentalization Technology by Artificial Basement Membrane for Construction of Ordered 3D-Tissues” financed by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

The event will be associated to the cycle of scientific seminars promoted by the Department of Chemistry from University of Aveiro, and integrated in the course of Cells and Tissue Engineering from the Master in Biotechnology from the same university.

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ID of the meeting: 823 6863 6958

Password: 339584